Why “Support The Dope”?

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved the art of storytelling and the power of journalism. Eventually I would go on to become the Entertainment Editor for my high school newspaper and the sports anchor for a broadcast journalism camp at Bradley University. I remember always being eager to receive those glossy pages of a magazine in the mail. Fashion magazines, hair magazines, sports magazines, music magazines, the list went on… Intrigued by the colors, pictures, layouts, and countless stories of all kinds of people, I would sprawl out on the floor and turn the pages for hours. And I knew that some day I wanted to not just be the reader of these stories but the facilitator, the gatekeeper.

Above all of my many interests there has always been the passion for music. Growing up, I was a dancer, a band kid, and a choir kid. Music has never left my side. But as I got older it seemed that so many people that shared that same passion felt like they had to move to NY or LA to “make it” — to be a star. They weren’t “somebody” until someone else acknowledged it in another city. So they can say, “Look, Mama! I made it!” However, so many of them were stars before they left or decided to tuck that dream away for good. They already embodied so much talent. Why couldn’t they “make it” in Chicago?

I decided about two years ago that I was going to do all I can by using the skills I have in journalism and marketing and the platforms I have, whether small or otherwise, to support those talented individuals while they’re here and I encourage everyone in their own networks, communities, and hometowns to do the same, no matter where you are. If we can’t support our own local talent, why should anyone else? Their talent and their story deserve to be heard as much as anyone else’s, by those both near and far. I promise to do my part, will you?

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